"The time has come,"

The Walrus said, 

"To talk of many things: 

Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -

Of cabbages - and kings -

And why the sea is boiling hot -

And whether pigs have wings."

-   Lewis Carroll

This is a segment of a poem that I recite to myself any time I’ve been putting something off and am trying to motivate myself to start – to be ready – to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Well – the time has come!

I have wanted to get back into blogging for a very – very long time. But at the same time I am a very – very busy mother of four. Okay, enough with the very-s. But it’s true. “My hands are full” – as random strangers say to me as they see me wrestling my 4 little children around (between the ages of 7 and 2.) Oh, yes life is a never-ending party at our house! 🙂


I had a blog back in the day ( ) but just got really back logged on it and what not and let it fall behind. I am keeping the same name – Memoirs of  a Leah, but have switched to wordpress and here we go.

I know it sounds a bit silly, but I have been very intimidated to do the “VERY FIRST POST” on this new site. It sounded so pressure-y to have it be something spectacular but yet still somewhat of an introduction. That self-imposed pressure has held me back from writing for nearly a year. But today my sweet husband, as part of my 37th birthday present, is giving me a kid-free day to myself. I thought setting up this blog would be a good use of my alone/creative time.


My main goals for this blog are to

  • keep a family journal/photo record
  • share my party ideas. I am a sucker for theme parties and have had fun developing games and decorations and food based off our various theme parties. I love traditions and celebrating, and the holidays and my kids’ birthdays give me lots of opportunities to do so!
  • share my church talks and lessons and spiritual insights for those who might be interested / benefited
  • save and get my creative writing juices flowing. I’ve taken a few writing classes in college and being an English major and a teacher and just a huge reader, I find a lot of joy in writing and hope this can be a talent I develop more through this blog
  • share parenting insights, and particularly learn and share more about Autism or other things that apply to my kiddies
  • share and develop my photography skills
  • share and motivate myself to do more art – I was minoring in art in college and am inspired by an incredibly talented artist in my Mom and artistic Grandmother. I have experimented a bit in the past with watercolor, acrylics, charcoal and pencils. I’ve done a bit of mixed media sculptures. I dream of one day doing oil painting. I dream of a lot things….
  • and whatever else might strike my fancy. I love cooking, I read all the time and might start reviewing, we love to travel and have lots of crazy stories and photos from all over the world….the possibilities will hopefully be endless.


I think the thing that I’ve come to learn is that being any type of artist does take courage. You become so vulnerable as you create and put your efforts on display for others to observe/judge/criticize/love/hate…etc. It’s frightening. But it also makes the world a more beautiful place, and frees your soul.

So feel free to join me on this journey as I develop these talents and creativity and record these moments of my life and my family’s.

The time has come!